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August 17th, outsourced

The long road to Crazy Rich Asians.

This (very long) article is amazing: that old McDonald's Monopoly game was rigged by an insider!!!

The greatest upset in quiz show history (with video!).

The sorrow and shame of the accidental killer.

This negative review of the new Netflix show Insatiable was so satisfying to read.

Fox News vs. Denmark.

Last night and this morning I was reading some of these stupid injury stories aloud to Jeremy and the kids and we were laughing so much. Sterling kept asking, "is this real??" because some of them are truly so stupid. But so funny!

Important research about the amount of frosting on Frosted Mini Wheats (a cereal which I miss dearly).

Feeling like Henry VIII

Feeling like Henry VIII

A no-means-no country

A no-means-no country