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January 18th, outsourced

Outside asks if sunscreen is the new margarine and I am now captivated by what this article is telling me. In essentials it’s what we already knew (severe sunburns are bad, especially in childhood, and sun exposure is important for Vitamin D health) but in every other way it is mind-blowing. The science here is fascinating. I downloaded the dminder Vitamin D app (supplementation is pushed big-time here in Finland) and unfortunately my next window for sun-based Vitamin D absorption is in 64 days…

Top dinner suggestions according to a three-year-old.

Mackenzie Bezos and the myth of the lone genius founder.

This is a horrifying but entertaining story about an influencer whose convention…well…it’s complicated. Just read it (the whole twitter thread is good, too).

Here is a longform article about Jen and Sarah Hart and their six adopted children (one of the children’s bodies was positively identified this week).

This commercial for AeroMexico is genius.

I liked the tone and reflective nature of this “why I didn’t answer your email” piece in the NYT. [HT Jen]

What it’s like to be allergic to corn. A friend of ours in the US had a child who was allergic to corn and it was quite the ordeal because everything in the US has corn in it!

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