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Blog changes FAQ February 2019

Blog changes FAQ February 2019

I appreciated your kind comments and messages about last month’s post on the changes I am making to this blog. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are these changes a response to something that happened?

Nothing bad has happened! These changes are ones I have been thinking about making for a long time, probably ever since I read So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed in 2015. The internet is just not a kind place and while I dearly wish I could write freely about All Of The Things on here, it’s not possible.

I don’t know you in real life and I only occasionally comment/have never commented. Am I the reason for these changes and do you think I’m creepy?

Hahahahaha no and no!

Is this the end of your blog?

Not at all. In fact, once I get everything a little more disconnected from my personal identity, I hope to post more.

Seriously, no more Outsourced Friday?

It put a smile on my face to hear from so many of you that you will miss this feature. It often seemed like an odd little corner of the internet to host each week! I have resolved to tweet (well, re-tweet) more often. So now, if you are reading a post on this blog, you should see a Twitter sidebar to the right with my latest tweets. You can also just go directly to @bmwpalmer on Twitter. See, now Outsourced Friday can be whenever you want it to be! There will be little to no original content on there so you don’t need to get your own Twitter account or engage in any way (unless you want to). You can absolutely just click over there or follow me for the links.

Can you even believe that back in the day we used to just write whatever, about whomever, on our blogs and it was…normal?

I know, right? Looking back on my own circles, blogging hit its heyday from around 2007 to maybe 2011ish. There are a few friends’ and acquaintances’ blogs that were around before that and even a few that are around to this day (if you can believe it, ha!). I still have private blogs where I post pictures of the kids for family members who live far away (which is to say, ALL of our family members) and those remain a treasured family resource for memories and life notes.

What is your blog called now?

As you can see, I’ve re-named this blog BeLonging. I like how it invokes both trying to fit in wherever I am as well as sometimes missing where I came from.

February 2019 books

February 2019 books

Blocked storm drains and the worst weather

Blocked storm drains and the worst weather