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Favorite bike rides in Turku

Favorite bike rides in Turku

The best bike rides offer dedicated bike paths/calm country roads throughout, interesting scenery, and a clear destination. Here are a few of my favorites around Turku. Your mileage may literally vary depending on your starting point but I’ve given a rough estimate for each round-trip route in parentheses.

Maaria (30km). It is just so gorgeous out there! One time I had a doctor appointment accidentally get scheduled at the health center in Maaria instead of Turku and I didn’t even reschedule it. I welcomed the chance for a purposeful bike ride! The swimming hole makes for a nice destination/turn-around point.

Hirvensalo Loop (35km). There is something so magical about crossing that dramatic bridge with a view of Turku Castle and then circling the entire island by passing the crazy House on a Leaf, a ski slope, and a whole lot of country scenery. There is a bike path for most of the way and when it ends…that’s when you know you’re at the most beautiful stretch.

Hirvensalo-Kakskerta (40-60km). There WILL be a headwind on the way out…but you will get to ride it all the way back. This is the closest thing to cycling on the Åland Islands that I’ve experienced closer to Turku.

Bishop’s Castle Ruins (30km). This is the perfect Destination Bike Ride: old ruins to walk through as you stretch your legs before heading home. Bonus old church on the way.


Ruissalo (all the way to Saaro, 40km). I think this might be my favorite? I mean, I dropped Sterling off at päiväkoti yesterday and then just…went and did this ride because why not? You go through the city, then along the river, then past the castle, then over a bridge to an island, then wind through some of the most beautiful scenery in Turku until you reach what feels like the end of the world: a beach with a view of the sea.


Old Castle Hill (20km). An old standby and another one that I have often ridden on a whim. The destination is really fun because you can climb to the top of the hill for an excellent view.

River (5-10km). There are paths up and down both sides of the Aura River. This is not the fastest bike ride because there are a lot of pedestrians and cyclists, but it is always interesting to see what is going on downtown.

Lake Littoinen (15km). I cannot figure out why there is not a proper path that circles this lovely lake, so the route is a bit piecemeal. But there is a beach you can stop at partway through and the neighborhood is quiet.


Louhisaari Manor (75km or more). Have someone drop you off in Raisio for this one, if you can manage! That way you can spend your energy on riding home through Naantali. The approach to the manor is splendid on a bike because you can imagine you’re in the olden days on a horse (not that I have done that).

Naantali (45km). I don’t know why it is so fun to literally ride to a neighboring city and back, but it is! I enjoy ogling the Old Town while I’m there. Google will not tell you to take the E18 path home but it adds variety to the Raisiontie route.

Goodbye, bike trailer

Goodbye, bike trailer

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