Sitting pretty

Miriam Damascus enjoys a quiet moment during the taxi ride home from church.

I think Miriam’s favorite thing about the Middle East, besides being a minor celebrity, is that she doesn’t have to ride in a carseat. In Arizona, Miriam hated the car with an intensity I didn’t think possible for such a tiny person. You know how some people in America cart around their babies in those detachable seats, like it’s a baby Tupperware? Miriam would never tolerate that (not that I was ever tempted to do so – I prefer to hold my baby when possible).

So here in Jordan, she’s carseat free and lovin’ it. In the back of taxis or on buses, she loves to wiggle around to look out the front window, out the side window, up at the ceiling, out the back, whatever strikes her fancy. Once she found a discarded Chiclet in the depression of the passenger door handle and grabbed it before I noticed. When I found it in her hand at home, it took me some time to figure out where she got it, and then a little more time to get over the fear of what could have happened had she put it in her mouth (and I’m talking about mystery germs here as well as choking hazards).

Anything that makes Miriam happy makes me happy, too. Am I a bad parent for rejoicing that my baby doesn’t have to ride in a safety restraint device? Perhaps. But that makes the greater part of the world bad parents, too, so I guess I’m in good company.
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