Army Day

Yesterday was Army Day here in Jordan, and in the style of most any country besides America, they threw a massive party featuring tanks and weapons. There was a big parade at the King Hussein Gardens near Mecca Mall, and I think King Abdullah even addressed the crowd (not that I could see him).

We were lucky enough to catch a taxi to take us there, and the driver even knew the right route to take to avoid the road closures. There were tons of decorated cars and taxis making their way to the festivities along with us, and as soon as we were within a few kilometers of the gardens, there were streams of pedestrians walking there, too.

These guys were having a dangerously good time, while their driver was alarmingly nonchalant.

At first, we walked down to the parade route with everyone else. But the press of humanity was just too much, and we couldn't see a single bit of the road where the parade would be going by. I suppose we could have joined the people who were climbing trees to get a better view, but instead we decided to walk up the hill and enjoy the parade from a distance.

If there is one thing foreign countries do well, it is parades of military might. Russia had these down to a T, and Jordan's display was not a disappointment. Troops marched by, followed by tanks, trucks of all sizes and types, and vehicles carrying important people. At the very end of the parade, different kinds of jets flew overhead.

It was very much a family event, with lots of children decked out in mini-military attire. We spent 1.5JD on a small Jordanian flag for Miriam, which she found to be much more fascinating than the parade. Next time, maybe she'll be old enough to appreciate the tanks.
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