Habibeh, habibi

I don't know what it is about Middle Eastern sweet shops - they have this amazing ability to get us hooked. In Syria, it was
The Barfait (oh Barfait, how I miss you and your sundry delicacies). In Jordan, the winner is Habibeh. The word "habibeh" comes from the Arabic root for "love," and a more appropriate name there could not be.

Whereas The Barfait focused more on patisserie-style confections, Habibeh is all about pistachio-based goodies. I never knew there could be so many delicious things made with pistachios. I won't even attempt to name all of the types of sweets in the above picture; suffice it to say that they are all very good.

We took a picture of the menu for further study at home. This isn't the first time we've done that - looking up the words and figuring out the system is far easier to do at home with a dictionary than at the restaurant itself with everyone staring at you.

So the next time we go to Habibeh (hopefully soon!), we'll be able to order like a pro.
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