On second thought

Every time we pass the "Drugs is your way to hell" sign, I chuckle. But then I get to thinking about the apparent differences between anti-drug campaigns here and in the US. The campaign they're running here would fall flat on its face in America, for two reasons.

First, hanging up a hand-painted banner in a traffic circle wouldn't cut it in the States. You need cute, young starlets in snazzy public service spots on network television telling you not to do drugs in order for it to have a chance at being effective.

Secondly, threatening potential drug-doers with HELL, of all things, is not much of a threat at all. America prefers to focus on the more material things you'd put at risk by doing drugs, such as health, friends, and education. Remember those "This is your brain on drugs" commercials? For some reason, I just don't think that threatening a teenager (or whoever) with eternal damnation would be an effective deterrent.

I guess America is just too darn secular.

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