or: How Diaper Rash Ruined Our Weekend

Who knew an index card-sized area of skin could wield so much power over our lives?

We had a three-day weekend given to us by our program and so we made some fabulous plans. Head down to Wadi Rum on Friday afternoon, stay the night, ride around in the desert in some Jeeps on Saturday morning, and return to Amman. Then, on Sunday (today), spend the hot summer day at Amman Waves, a water park just outside of town. Sounds great!

Alas, it was not to be. At a pre-departure diaper change just before go-time on Friday, we noticed that Miriam had quite the terrible rash on her posterior. After some quick discussion, we decided that spending four hours on an un-air-conditioned bus and then sleeping in a sandy desert was not the best way for a 10-month-old's diaper rash to heal. So we sent Jeremy alone to meet up with friends for the trip and Miriam and I prepared for a girl's night in.

I guess Jeremy felt guilty leaving us behind, or something, because he came back about thirty minutes later, having told our friends to go on without us. We spent Friday afternoon and most of Saturday hanging out close to home, letting Miriam Damascus run around the house diaperless as much as possible.

Have you ever noticed how depressing it is to unpack from a trip you never took?

But there was still Sunday - Amman Waves, here we come! I was sure Miriam's rash would have healed up enough by this morning to allow us to go. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and we had to call our friends (a different set this time) and cancel yet again.

At the moment, Jeremy is out helping some people from our church unload a shipment of wheelchairs for a service project, and I'm desperately thinking of ways to salvage our weekend before the day is over.

Any ideas?
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Holy nonsense, Batman!

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