It's a mystery

Everyone has their own taste in movies, but some American movies are so inexplicably popular over here that I just can't understand it. By popular, I mean that lots of our Syrian or Jordanian friends love it, or it's shown on MBC2 more than is reasonable.

One of these movies is Big Momma's House. It's not that I don't believe anyone could find it humorous, but there's a difference between enjoying a movie while you watch it and seeking it out to see over and over again.

The only thing Jeremy and I can think of is that Big Momma's House has a lot of things in common with those zany Egyptian movies they love so much here. You know, men dressing up as women in ridiculous costumes, a beautiful love interest who must not find out the truth, lots of bumbling around.

There are other movies that Americans didn't like but Arabs loved, but none of them are so strange to me as Big Momma's House.

SUCH a difference

Fusha not spoken here