Open letter to the Arab world: ovens

Dear Arab world,

What, exactly, is your damage with ovens? In all my time living in you, I’ve never seen an oven that worked well, if at all. In Syria, our oven was so scary that I never dared open it.

And why does it have to be such a death-defying experience to light it? Why do you insist that I turn on a stream of highly flammable gas and then reach into the depths of the oven with a lighted match, averting my face to avoid the explosion that I am so afraid will come?

Yes, there are lots of things that can be cooked on a stovetop, and I realize that much of your cuisine falls into that category. But every once in a while, it would be nice to bake a batch of cookies that wasn’t burned on the bottom or weirdly sunken in.



ps - Yesterday we were trying to get our new oven to work. Our landlady's helper was hooking up the gas can (which is entirely exposed) and Jeremy noticed that gas was still leaking from the can. The helper insisted it wasn't, and to prove it, she threw a lighted match at the can (!!!!!!!!!!!). There was a huge fireball of flame and for a moment, Jeremy thought we were all going to die. Fortunately, we didn't.

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