World Cup fans

One building near ours is flying a German flag; the one next door is flying a French one.

The semifinals are over and World Cup feelings are running high here in Amman. Among the general populace, Germany and Italy seem to be the favorites (at least until Germany was eliminated the other night). All over the city, you can see flags hanging from apartment balconies, or even flying on makeshift flagpoles on top of houses. The driver of a taxi we took the day before the Germany-Italy game had a Germany flag tied as a kerchief around his neck, and had several bits of Germany-flag-emblazoned paraphernalia around his vehicle.

After Italy won its semifinal against Germany, the streets were inundated with Italy supporters celebrating. They were, of course, mostly young men just looking for an excuse to drive around town hanging out of sunroofs and car windows, waving huge Italy flags.

Why Italy? I’m not sure. But I can’t wait to see the celebrations here if they win the World Cup.
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Shobak Castle

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