The old Abdoun

Jebel Webdeh really is a charming neighborhood. In many ways, it's my favorite place we lived this summer.

But I wish I knew more about its history. On one of the main roads leading from Abdali to Sahet Baris is this abandoned mansion. It has extensive grounds for being in the middle of the city, and they are laid out to be beautifully landscaped if only they were attended to. The house itself is, or at least it used to be, quite elegant.

As you can see, however, it hasn't been lived in for some time. The windows are broken and the old wooden shutters are falling off. With real estate as hot as it is in Amman right now, I can't imagine why the owner hasn't fixed it up, or why they left it in the first place.

A Jordanian friend of ours told us that Jebel Webdeh used to be the "Abdoun" of Amman. I can see how that would be the case. There are actually quite a few nice old houses in the neighborhood that don't hold a candle to the ones you see in Deir Kbaar these days, but must have been quite fancy in their prime.

For now, I'll have just to wonder about this abandoned mansion and what its history is. I also wonder about Abdoun, and what neighborhood could possibly take its place in twenty or thirty years.
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Shopping emergency

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