Shopping emergency

There's a souvenir shop in Jebel Webdeh that has a curious sign on its door. It states the opening hours of the shop and then has the following statement:

"In case of emergencies only, please call ### ### ####."

I found it funny because really, what kind of an emergency could there possibly be when you're dealing with souvenirs?

Well, this morning we found out. We ordered a mosaic from the store last week but since he had to have it framed, it wouldn't be in until today. We are eager to pick it up because we leave tonight. But when Miriam and I walked to the store at ten o'clock this morning, the doors were locked and the store was closed. That's where the "emergency" number came in handy. We were able to call him and make sure he would be open at a later time so we could pick up our mosaic (actually a gift for the people who took care of our house in America).

I'll never laugh at a souvenir emergency again!

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