The shower electric

Last night, Jeremy went to take a shower and discovered that an electric current was running through the water. The faucet knobs were also buzzing with electricity. We have no idea why this happened. Our washing machine has a freaky electric charge running through it whenever it's plugged in, but I'm used to that because it was the same way in Syria. I've never before experienced an electric charge just coming out of the tap.

We had already reduced ourselves to cold showers - the water flow is better on the cold side of the tap, and we also save money on electricity that way (which leaves us more to spend on AC! Woohoo!). Now, we're also reducing ourselves to bucket showers to avoid being electrocuted in the bathtub.

No one ever told me how risky it could be to take a shower in the Middle East. I remember our shower (actually just a spigot in the all-purpose bathroom) in Damascus had an outlet right by where the water came out, but having an electrical charge actually in the water is quite impressive.

Nobody walks in Amman