Here are some things I will miss about Jordan, many of which are culinary in nature:

1. The mutabaqa from Ras Beirut Snacks in Jebel Webdeh, one of which is pictured above. Good eatin' for about a dinar.

2. The hot food counter at Safeway:

3. Gerard's:

4. OK, basically Jordanian food. You can get hummus and pita bread in America, but it's usually the Greek variety.

5. The general feeling of personal safety you get on the streets here. Also the family-friendly society.

6. Friendly neighborhood grocers.

7. Yummy produce like pomegranates:

8. No carseat laws.

9. OK, I'll admit it. MBC4, MBC2, and OneTV. But also BBC.

10. I'll definitely miss all the places we took Miriam for fun, and also all the places where she learned so many skills, the biggest one being learning to walk. We'll just have to leave those memories behind.

That said, I am looking forward to:

1. A root beer float (what is it with me and food???).

2. A non-bucket, high-water-pressure, non-electrocuting SHOWER.

3. Sleeping in a real bedroom, on a real bed, with no Miriam on the mattress with me to pat my face and pull my hair to wake me up. :)

4. IKEA. I love that place.

5. A real kitchen, where the stove won't kill me.

And that's about it.

Some have asked what will happen to this blog when I return to America. I still have some pictures I want to post, and so there will likely be at least a few more entries. As for whether I will have a different blog, I'm not sure. I've always (perhaps erroneously) considered it a little pretentious to have a blog for normal life in America, but if I have adventures, maybe I'll post them.

I've reserved My Adventures in Tucson, just in case.

Gotta go pack!

[more photos to come when I get persuade the internet to upload them]
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