Taxi vandal

Not that my blog is about taxi rides or anything, but here's another post.

Miriam set out to destroy every taxi she rode in on Monday.

First, we were in a taxi on our way to the program director's house for a visit and another trip to Global Village. Traffic has been extremely bad lately due to the influx of refugees from Lebanon in addition to the regular tourists and visitors from the Gulf. So once I was able to get a taxi, it was a long, hot taxi ride in stop-and-go traffic, with exhaust-filled air coming in through the windows.

In the midst of all of this, Miriam suddenly coughed and then leaned forward and threw up all over herself, me, and the taxi. The driver didn't notice (he was focused on the road), and at first I hoped I could clean it up well enough that he wouldn't have to notice at all.

But there was too much of it. I mopped it up as best as I could, but there was still a lot of it on the floor of the taxi. When we arrived at the house, I showed the taxi driver and told him what happened. To my surprise, he wasn't upset at all. Instead, he thanked me for telling him about it instead of leaving it for him to discover later. I paid him a little extra money for his trouble and that was the end of it.

Later, we went to Global Village. On the way home, Miriam was playing with a teddy bear the taxi driver had suction-cupped to his rear window (decorations like that are more common than you would think in a grown man's car). She was really having a good time with it, snuggling it to her face and so on. Suddenly, she got really excited and let out a banshee screech while pulling it toward her. There was a loud POP and the bear ripped away from the string that was hanging it up.

This taxi driver wasn't as nice as the other one. After dropping us off, he stayed parked there for ten minutes while he fixed the bear, and only then did he accept our apologies for what happened.

Spread the word: the taxis of Amman are no longer safe from Miriam Damascus!


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