Vienna airport thoughts

I'm on no sleep now, so I hope this makes sense.

We're at the Vienna airport. Some things I've noticed...

I'm used to being able to let Miriam run free in public places without fear of censure from people in charge. Arabs love kids and pretty much turn a blind eye to any harmless mischief they may get into. But here, I'm having to actually make sure she doesn't go where she's not supposed to, bother the gate agents, etc. Not that Europeans hate kids or anything, but the unspoken expectations are a little different.

There's a vending machine in the women's bathroom selling gummy candies. I don't know if I could ever buy candy in the same room where total strangers are doing their business, and also where the candy machine is right next to a tampon dispenser. Eww.

The pre-gate area, which serves about a dozen gates, only has about 15 chairs in it. So there are 15 lucky people sitting down and about three hundred of us sprawled on the floor.

Miriam found some nice Palestinian kids to play with. They even shared their toys (some matchbox cars).

That's it for now. The Trans-Atlantic Flight of Death is about to open for boarding.

ps - Jeremy told me later that in the men's bathroom, there were vending machines for - get this - condoms, and also Wrigley gum.

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