Why, why?

There's a new song out by Shaaban Abdel Rahim. I was unfortunate enough to catch the music video on television this afternoon.

This song is not just bad. It is So, So Very Bad.

The subject matter of the song, called "Just Two Soldiers," is the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. The chorus consists of two atonal repetitions of the same word: "Leh, Leh," - "Why, why." And the entire music video consists of Mr. Rahim's head singing in front of a montage of newsreels depicting, alternately, unflattering photos of Israeli and Western government officials and scenes of destruction in Lebanon.

That's right, folks. This guy's head is visible for the entire music video.

I'm not saying that it's wrong to be ugly, which this man - and I think you will agree - is. I'm also not saying that the conflict in Lebanon isn't worthy of a tribute song (Did anyone else learn From A Distance in fourth grade?).

What I am saying is that there is no law out there saying that if you have a song, you have to make a music video for it, too. Nobody is making you do that. I am also saying that just because there's a war on, it doesn't mean you can make bad music.

Finally, I'll just say that his song takes first prize for having the worst one-word chorus, narrowly defeating Haifa's odious La, La song. Unless that was Ruby singing (maybe they're the same person). Regardless, it was a close one.

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