Danger slide

We are very lucky to have a park near our house. Never mind the fact that this park would never pass a safety inspection in the US. We're happy to have a place for Miriam to play (with someone always with her to look out for dangers, both very obvious and hidden).

The fact that this slide is slightly tilted to one side and is missing a stair handrail doesn't seem to dampen the fun for anyone. These boys were having fun doing their chain sliding and were noticeably impatient when slowpoke Miriam had to take her turn.

If anyone knows of a boy scout in Jordan, tell them there's a great opportunity for an Eagle project here. If the trash were cleaned up and the plants trimmed, this park would actually be quite nice. The death toys are beyond repair, I think, but at least they're a lot of fun!


MuHajibba Miriam