Facts and figures

Here are some facts and figures for our journey from Tucson to Jordan.

Scheduled departure time of our JetBlue flight from Tucson to New York City: 11.59pm.

Approximate number of minutes after arrival at the Tucson airport that Miriam’s sippy cup of milk spilled all over our carry-on: 5.

Flight delayed by: 30 minutes.

Hours of sleep received by Miriam: 2.5

by Jeremy & Bridget: 1.

Number of unopened packages of baby wipes left onboard the airplane, unwittingly: 1.

Hours of layover in NYC: 16.

Number of maps of the system posted in useful areas in the NY subway: maybe 2.

Frustration level at lack of tourist-friendly hints on the NY subway system maps: Pretty darn high at times.

Between NYC and Moscow, who wins, hands down, for an elegant, functional, punctual, user-friendly, non-urine-soaked subway system: Moscow!

Sights seen in NYC: Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Wall Street, Central Park, 5th Ave, and Jeremy’s brother, Dave.

Amount of love we have for US Airways after they directed us to the wrong terminal at JFK and we had to haul all our luggage on a few superfluous trips on the lazily slow and awkwardly located terminal train: just about none.

Amount of love we have for Royal Jordanian, on account of their not making constant announcements throughout the flight and having lots of empty seats: tons.

How much time it took after arriving in the country to be asked what we are paying for rent here in Jordan: 5 minutes (seriously!).

How it feels to be back in Jordan: wonderful.

{Sorry, kids: pictures are going to have to wait until we have our own connection. It just takes too long at an internet cafe.}

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