Locked in

This morning, Jeremy found himself locked inside his own apartment.

Our door can only be locked and unlocked with a key. This morning when I went out with Miriam to do some errands, I left the door unlocked and didn’t take a key with me. I figured that was fine since Jeremy was still inside the apartment, working on the computer. I also made sure to tell him that I wasn’t locking the door or bringing a key with me – the door can’t be unlocked from one side if it has a key in the other side.

After our errands, I was intercepted on the way home by our elderly neighbor, who ushered Miriam and me into her apartment to have a morning chat with her and her sister. An hour (and one cup of yansoon) later, Miriam and I stepped across the hall to go home.

The door was locked, so I rang the bell. Jeremy came to the door but said it was locked, and there was no key. This was alarming since I had left the door unlocked, with the key in the lock. He rummaged around for a few minutes and found another key to let himself out of the apartment (and us into the apartment).

Together, we tried to figure out what had happened. Jeremy did recall hearing someone fiddling with a lock while I was gone, but he thought it was upstairs or at the neighbor’s apartment since you can hear everything in our building. But now we realized that someone had opened our door, removed the key, turned the lock from the outside, and then taken the key.

Our first impulse was to ask the doorman (bowab). He claimed to not know anything about the missing key.

Jeremy didn’t believe him at first. But after a moment, I realized that a more likely suspect was the neighbor I had just been chatting with. Here’s why: the other night, we were all over at her house having a chat. I left early (just before yansoon was served) to get Miriam to bed. While I was giving her a bath, the neighbor surprised me by walking right into the bathroom where I was. She left me a cup of yansoon and then told me that I shouldn’t leave the door unlocked.

So I stepped across the hall and asked our dear neighbor if she had our key. She seemed to recall something she had forgotten and said that yes, she had our key. While Miriam and I were at her house chatting with her sister, she had stepped out briefly to lock our door for us (she didn’t know Jeremy was home).

We were so glad to have that mystery cleared up. We were all ready to change our locks and everything. It’s nice to have neighbors who are concerned about our security, even if it seems like they’re more concerned about it than we are!

Backhanded compliment?

Yansoon and Pepsi