We were taking a walk around our neighborhood when we looked up and saw this:

Those not only appear to be children standing on multiple-story-high window ledges, held in only by security bars, they actually are such.

This activity is not as unusual as common sense rules of child safety would lead you to believe. And I have to admit, it’s tempting. There are times when all Miriam wants to do is look over the balcony edge and watch the world go by. Often, those times are long times. So it would be nice to let her do that and still have my hands free to get other things done.

In our neighborhood in Damascus, there was one kid who sat on his kitchen windowsill (sometimes with the window shut behind him!) on a regular basis.

But my darn overly-safety-conscious upbringing just won’t let me let Miriam do it.

I’m sure her grandparents are glad to hear that.

Down by the bay

Danger slide