A novel soap dispenser

One nice thing about having Western restaurants in Amman is that you can be reasonably sure of finding a clean, public-ish restroom, often with toilet paper.

I say “reasonably sure,” because the other day we made use of KFC’s restrooms and they were not very clean and didn’t have toilet paper.

(To be honest, I’m beyond caring about bathroom cleanliness these days. Caring about it and worrying about it only makes life in this part of the world harder.)

They did, however, have plenty of hand soap. Here it is, inside a Pepsi cup.

What is so interesting to me is that there were empty soap dispensers by the sinks. But an employee put forth the effort to get a cup, fill it with soap, and put it on the countertop. Why they didn’t expend a similar amount of effort and just fill up the soap dispensers is beyond me.

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