The glass ceiling

Sometime while we were away from Jordan during the fall and winter, a certain segment of the population here broke through a major glass ceiling. All of a sudden, it has become acceptable for Filipina, Indoniesian, and Sri Lankan women to work in legitimate industries here in Jordan.

By "legitimate," I mean any field besides the domestic arena. Previously, women from these countries worked exclusively as maids, nannies, or domestic servants. Now, they are working at City Mall as security screeners, Gerard's as ice cream scoopers, and Quizno's as sandwich artists (or whatever they're called).

Of course, there are still plenty of them filling their regular old household positions, but to see them accepted into the normal workforce - at least to a degree - is very heartening. Often, they are working alongside Jordanian men and women in these occupations. A sight like that still makes me do a double-take, that's how impossible I thought it was (until now).

I'm not sure what prompted this change, but I hope it continues. I can only imagine that these women do, too.

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