Going to church naked

Today, we traveled to Irbid to go to church. We had visited that congregation a few times while we were living in Syria, and we thought it would be nice to go again and see some old friends. As it turned out, however, many of the people who we remembered (and who might have remembered us) weren't there. Oh well.

The drive from Amman to Irbid is along a windy (as in, the road winds up and down and around) and occasionally bumpy highway. We think those two factors may have contributed to Miriam throwing up about halfway through the ride.

Even though I was holding her at the time, Jeremy got the worst of it. Luckily, I had Miriam's blanket spread out over my lap, and that caught a lot of it. So the blanket, her dress, and Jeremy's pants were very soiled.

We cleaned up as best we could (not very well, in other words) using tissues and the parts of the blanket that weren't yucky. As soon as we got to the church building, Jeremy washed Miriam's dress in a bathroom sink and then set it outside to dry. So we took Miriam into the church meeting wearing nothing but a diaper, and Jeremy had a huge puke stain on his pants.

We got a lot of strange looks. A few people asked why Miriam was naked, and of course we explained to them. But there were people in the congregation who were staring at us from a distance, obviously wondering why we brought our daughter to church without any clothes.

Unfortunately, Jeremy got called up to speak briefly, pants puke stain and all. Fortunately, he was able to explain what happened and everyone laughed about Miriam having to go through church wearing just a diaper.

Also fortunately, it was really hot today, so after about 20 minutes, and a few more minutes of Jeremy waving it around on a stick to speed up the process, Miriam's dress was dry. We put it back on her and she was hardly the worse for wear.

I'm glad we could fix the situation before the Irbid natives chalked it up to some weird American custom - or worse, just another example of bad American parenting.

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