This evening, we learned another reason why we should keep our door locked (even when we're at home).

We were just about to have dinner when the doorbell rang. I knew it was kids wanting to play with Miriam, so I decided to just not answer it. I figured we could send Miriam out in about 15 minutes, after dinner.

But they kept ringing and ringing the doorbell. Then, to my utter disbelief, the door opened, and we heard a little voice saying, "Hello!" Our little neighbor Lulu had opened the door and we now had her, her sister Tina, and a boy named Samir standing in our apartment.

(It turns out that Jeremy had left the door unlocked after stepping out to get the Wasiit, a weekly ad paper.)

They invited Miriam to go to the park with them, which invitation I accepted with the stipulation that it be after dinner - basically my original plan when I didn't open the door, remember?

The other funny thing is that at the time, I was wearing "house clothes," meaning, a layer less than I would wear outside. That was another reason it was slightly embarrassing to have kids just barge into our living room. It was even more funny when Lulu, as she invited us to the park, told me to "get dressed."

So basically I was bossed around by a five-year-old. What's next?

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