Jeremy just go back from getting a haircut (yes, it's 10.30 pm). Naiman!

He had a special moment with the barber. There wasn't much of a line (again, it's 10.30 at night), so the barber was able to take his time cutting and styling Jeremy's hair. He didn't need to ask for instructions from Jeremy because there really is only one haircut here. We call it the "shabaab haircut." Very clean all around except for the "bangs," where it turns into a kind of Beckham mohawk. In Syria, he used to come home and chop off the bangs himself. These days, however, he's realized that resistance is futile. It helps him blend in.

Anyway, during the haircut, the barber put in a tape of cheesy American songs. Then, he asked Jeremy to translate the lyrics. You thought the Titanic theme song was inane in English - try wringing some meaning out of it to put into Arabic! Then there was this one song we hear all the time over here. I don't know the name or the artist, but it has the refrain, "'cause I don't know what to say/and I don't know what to dooooo..." blah blah blah "something something/loving you."

(It reminds me of a radio show we used to hear in Damascus on weekend evenings. It consisted solely of a DJ voicing over extremely basic Arabic translations of 1980s American love songs. For a native speaker of English who understood the lyrics in the first place, it was slightly embarrassing.)

All of this for only 3JD. What a steal.

Wedding procession

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