The politics of children

Our neighbor Rennt with Miriam at the park.

Led by little Miriam, we have recently delved into the world of neighborhood kid politics.

I've figured out that there are basically three factions of kids on our street. There's the huge family of Bedu (not tent Bedu, but Bedu living in an apartment building) on one end, a family of cousins in the middle, and our building on the other end.

On any given day, the group that Miriam is "allowed" to play with changes. Sometimes the Bedu kids are having a fight with the cousins, and then we're not allowed to play with them. Othertimes, the cousins switch allegiances and play with the Bedu, and then we're stuck with only the kids in our own building.

These political goings-on are explained to us by our upstairs neighbor, Rennt. She's nice enough to let us know who we can open our door to on certain days, and who we shouldn't speak to.

To be honest, though, I try to pay as little attention to all this as possible. I can think of few things that less deserve an emotional investment from me than neighborhood kid politics. And as far as I can tell, there are no real objections to any of the parties involved - it's just normal pre-teen and little girl stuff that I remember going through when I was young.

Maybe Miriam can serve as a peace envoy sent out to unite the neighborhood. I'll let you know if we make any major inroads during our time here.

Two healths! Sahtein!