The slide of danger

Well, Miriam has mastered the Slide of Danger at the Park of Death. Here she is, preparing for ascension.

She's very careful to use the handrails. The ones on the green slide have broken off (leaving a sharp edge in a few places), so most of the little kids have to use the yellow slide.

Almost to the top! Even though she can do it by herself, I still feel the need to spot her. Especially when there are other kids jostling and pushing on the way up.

Here's the part that gives me butterflies every time. Miriam switches her grip to the vertical bars on the landing, and then takes that extra big step. She missed it once yesterday and caught herself - fortunately, though, Jeremy was standing below, just in case.

Preparing to launch...


Now we just need to conquer the swings of danger and the seesaw of danger. The swings are rickety (the bar they hang off of wobbles) and set above an extremely hard and jagged bed of rock, and the seesaw is unstably anchored.

But honestly, we love our park! We go there almost every night. Miriam (and the neighborhood kids) wouldn't have it any other way.

Forbidden territory

Jinns, ghosts, and the Koran