Sport City

We settled for less this weekend. Except we still had tons of fun, so maybe "less" was enough.

We really wanted to go to Hammamat Ma'in, a hot springs spa near the Dead Sea. But we slept in late on Saturday (Miriam is on this awesome new Arab-kid-style schedule), and we also found out that not only would it cost at least 12 JD from Madaba just to get there, they would charge us 10 JD each to get into the spa complex. So that idea immediately became less appealing.

Instead, we headed over to the local recreation complex, Sport City. I went fully expecting a female-unfriendly environment and was prepared to let Jeremy and Miriam do all the swimming. So imagine my surprise when we showed up and found a very nice swimming pool facility. Really, this place is gorgeous. And there were lots of other women swimming, too, so I decided to join them.

There was a very large main pool with about 1/3 set apart for kids. Besides that, there was another shallow children's pool and also a deep pool for diving. There were a few diving boards as well as a platform with several levels set up above this pool. The highest platform was 10 meters, and I managed to get a video of Jeremy jumping off of it.

I say "managed," because taking photographs or video is strictly forbidden at the pool. We found this out when we tried to take a picture of Miriam frolicking in the water. So after that first warning, when I tried to take a video of Jeremy jumping off the highest platform, I was again told that pictures were forbidden. Fortunately, a guy at the next table over stuck up for me and distracted the employee long enough that I got the video.

The reason for this rule is a good one - I imagine it's because they don't want anyone taking clandestine photographs of anyone else, especially females.

Miriam shared toys with a girl named Yasmeen and tired herself out playing in the water. She wanted to go in the diving pool, too, but that will have to wait a couple of years.

It may not have been as "special" as Hammamat Ma'in, but we certainly did have a blast.

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