Amman Children's Museum

A wonderful thing happened in Amman in May: Queen Rania opened up a Children's Museum. It's in the northwest part of the city, near the Royal Automobile Museum and up the hill from Carrefour and Mecca Mall. It is brand spankin' new and awesomer than any other Children's Museum I've seen (meaning, the museums in Portland and Tucson).

Here is the play grocery store where Miriam got reprimanded for not putting her produce away.

The play car garage, with a purple and pink corvette - hooray for them making it girl-friendly, even though a repair garage would usually be stereotyped as a "guy thing."

The hard-hat area. I think Miriam was just about in heaven at this point. They even have a working crane that can swing, raise, and lower buckets full of foam bricks around the site.

My personal favorite area: the library. We really miss our trips to the Tucson library, so this was quite a discovery. Their collection of books is really amazing - I think they bought out the entire DK collection. There are also a lot of quality books in Arabic, and some in both languages.

On our first visit there, the museum had just barely opened a week before. A volunteer named Osama took us under his wing and insisted on staying with us during almost our entire visit. He knew all the secrets to all the exhibits, and didn't hesitate to show them to us. There were quite a few science and technology exhibits that were utterly boring to Miriam but quite fascinating to us adults.

Jeremy went there with Miriam last week and reported that several of the exhibits were now broken. I hope they put the 3JD entry price (including children of any age) to work at correcting that problem. The Children's Museum is really a special place and so I hope it remains in tip-top shape for maximum enjoyment.

The many faces of King Abdullah

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