Congratulations, Petra!

We actually stayed up late last night watching the announcement ceremony for the New 7 Wonders. We had seen so much hype about the competition here in Jordan that we just couldn't resist. Jordan's television channel was simultaneously broadcasting the Lisbon awards ceremony with the grand party being put on in Petra, on a split screen.

We held on until about 12.30 (past midnight), even though no announcement had been made. Everything was fluff, fluff, and more fluff. The final straw for me came when, at the Lisbon ceremony, dancers clad in silver bodysuits started artfully and contortionistically descending from a giant globe hanging above the stage. They had tried my patience long enough - I just couldn't handle the silver dancers.

So we went to bed, knowing that if Petra made the list of seven, we'd hear about it eventually. And we did, about 30 minutes later when fireworks started going off all over the city. Very loud, rapid fireworks and firecrackers. I stuck it out in bed; Jeremy headed up to the roof to at least benefit from the show.

As you may have guessed, Petra made it on the final list. Congratulations!


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