Fashion in Amman

Miriam is a destroyer of sunglasses. She broke my 2JD pair I bought downtown, so it was time to shop for a new pair. We stepped into a shop near the university called "Girl & Girls." There, they had a whole rack of sunglasses to choose from. Trouble was, they were all derivatives of the same style.

Now, I'm a fan of aviators when they're worn by men. But I just can't get into them as a feminine style. They remind me too much of U of A sorority girls (shudder) and I start feeling like they should only be worn with fur boots and short skirts.

Regardless, I needed some sunglasses so I started to try some on. And that's when I found these:

I think these may be the largest sunglasses ever manufactured by man, meant to be worn as a serious item of clothing. But somehow they just end up looking like caricatures of themselves.

Don't worry, I didn't buy them. I chose a slightly less hideous pair and now I blend in with the other Amman girls quite nicely.

On the subject of fashion here in Amman, I need to make a correction. About a month ago, I said that there was only one haircut in this part of the world. That isn't entirely true. In addition to the classic "shebaab" cut, there is this new punk style coming into vogue. Basically, guys put gel in their hair and then tousle it. You can see a few examples of it in the picture above, taken covertly at Abdoun Circle.

I hope Jeremy doesn't come home from the barber next time looking like that.

Not such a good idea

It's all a matter of perspective