The New Seven Wonders of the World

As you may have heard, the results of the New Seven Wonders competition will be announced today, 07.07.07.

Jordan, like several other countries, apparently, has put on a major marketing campaign over the last few months to ensure that as many people as possible vote for Petra. At first, it was "Vote for Petra" keychains, bookmarks, and bracelets. Then it was banners and billboards put up around town. Finally, we started noticing places advertising that you could vote right then and there for Petra. At least, it was assumed you would be voting for Petra, but I don't know if they actually kept track.

One of these places was on the campus of Jordan University. They had computers set up to access the voting website, and even a few guys who (presumably) could help you navigate through the process.

Some groups around the world have claimed that this is a spurious competition. I agree that it's not the most conservationally or even historically minded project I've ever seen, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of people around the world are thinking about some of the most amazing places on earth to visit, and I don't think that can be bad for anyone.

I voted for Petra (and six other places that I've been to) a few months ago, so I did my duty.

Did you?

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