Our lucky day

We've had a hard time with breakfast cereal this summer. Miriam isn't willing to settle for Poppin's Corn Flakes. Come to think of it, neither is Jeremy. So I guess I'm the only one.

But everything else is SO insanely expensive. I cannot in good conscience spend upwards of 6 dollars on a single box of cereal. Last summer, there was a brand called "Hospitality" that had huge bags of shredded wheat for under five dollars. We practically lived on that stuff. This summer, though, it's nowhere to be found. We've been limping along on Poppin's brand hud and packets of instant oatmeal we brought from America.

Yesterday, though, our ship came in! We were at Safeway enjoying their hot food section. The cashier by the cafeteria was closed, so we had to walk through the store to pay at a regular checkout stand. On the way, Jeremy spotted what is possibly the biggest cereal bargain I've ever seen in my life: Lucky Charms for half a dinar. Real, American, almost-expired Lucky Charms.

That's the reason they were discounted so heavily. Normally, a box of Lucky Charms that size would be at least 5 JD. But these boxes expire on August 7, so Safeway is clearing them out. We loaded up our cart with eleven boxes (the most we felt we could buy without feeling entirely ridiculous) and exclaimed over our good fortune.

I think we're set for breakfast cereal for the rest of the summer.

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