Day 4: Bethphage

We encountered this 1st-century tomb during an early-morning walk through Bethphage (Jeremy made sure to be on time for the bus today). Here you can see an example of the stone rolling before the entrance. There were some pretty scary bugs hanging around this tomb, so I didn't venture in too far.

We walked on a quiet path through a grove of olive and fig trees to reach a segment of the separation wall. The path was quiet, but not smooth. The cheapo stroller we bought last year in Amman has been through so much, and it did not fail us here. Jeremy just revved it through the rough parts. Our "nicer" American stroller could never have made it through a summer here.

This picture gives you a little more perspective as to how big the wall is. Even keeping in mind that I am a short person, the wall is huge.

We started so early in the morning that it was already snack time by 9am. Miriam and Jeremy enjoyed some potato chips outside the church in Bethphage.

Day 4: Mt. of Olives

Day 4: Gardens, a close call, and the Western Wall, again