Day 7: Mary's Well & Old Nazareth

The last church visit of the day was the Greek Orthodox site of the annunciation, also known as Mary's Well. Miriam took this opportunity to get some reading in, and Little Miss Chatterbox was her book of choice.

You can see Mary's Well at the back of this nave. There used to be a bigger well outside the church but according to some Nazarenes we talked to, it was getting old (to say the least) and crumbly, so they tore it down and built a new one. Oops.

We had midday free from any trips, so Miriam got her first real nap since leaving Amman a week ago. It had been so hard for her, never getting enough sleep and always having to be on good behavior. This nap really helped recharge her for the last day and a half of traveling.

In the afternoon, we headed to Old Nazareth, a site that could have really been Disney-fied but which thankfully still had a special air of authenticity. It's run by the Nazareth YMCA, or at least from their facilities, and it's a representation of 1st-century Nazareth as it may have appeared during Jesus' time there. Miriam loved this place (and thus I did, too) because she could run around and as a bonus, there were sheep and goats!

Hannah, the spinning lady, invited Miriam to take a turn at the spinner and to my surprise, Miriam walked up there in front of everyone to take it! She tried her best but wasn't very successful. Maybe next time.

Old Nazareth was one of my favorite places of the whole trip. I've mentioned several times how hard it was at times to grasp the true feeling of a place. Even though Old Nazareth was a complete fabrication, it seemed more authentic than most places we'd been to. It was also a well-run show, with a very professional guide and interesting presentations at each of the stops at the site.

One more day...

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