Fun for the whole family

I've said it before many times: Arab societies love children. Jordan is no exception.

We hired a driver to take us to Shobak and Kerak Castles on Thursday. His name was Salem, and he's a friend of a friend. His age was indeterminate - none of us could figure out if he was 45 or 65. His oldest child is 24 and his youngest is 14, so really, his age could be anywhere in that range.

Salem was a great driver. He took good care of all of us on the road, but especially of Miriam. He made sure the door by her was always locked so she couldn't open it while we were driving. He played with her whenever we had a moment at our destination. He bought her some juice at a rest stop. But the best part is that he got a tissue and wiped her nose when it was snotty.

If a hired driver taking on such responsibilities is not a sign of a family-friendly society, I don't know what is.

Live it. Love it!

Whatever you do...