Live it. Love it!

I love this billboard. You can see it in several places along the airport road, and also on the road to and from the Dead Sea.

I love it because it puts in bold print the thing that all of us foreigners are thinking but that we have been too polite to say out loud: that in Jordan, there is "established rule of law." I wonder how long it took Jordan-Kuwait Bank's marketing department to come up with that exact phrasing.

This "established rule of law" is what sets Jordan apart from almost all of its near neighbors. And it's hard to describe unless you already know what I'm talking about. Basically, in Jordan, you can be pretty sure that government officials will follow their own rules. In other places around here, there's a good chance they won't.

Lebanon has a similar sign in their border crossing with Syria. A printed-out sign says simply (in Arabic) that "Bribes Will Land You in Jail." We always used to joke that in Syria's corresponding border building, there would be a sign saying "Bribes Will Get You Out of Jail." But of course there isn't, really.

This rule of law is a wonderful thing when it's on your side. But in situations like this one, where immigration officials stuck to "the law" against all common sense, you wish they'd act like the Syrians and loosen up a little bit!

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