Not such a good idea

My dad arrived in Amman last night and to get him oriented with our neighborhood and the city in general, we took him up on the roof of our apartment building.

The roof really is a wonderful place. We go up there often to enjoy the breeze and the view.

Our bowab (or 7arris, however you want to say it) is a fan of the roof as well, only he goes up there to sleep at night. We had noticed his bedding up there several times, but I had never seen him in the bedding until last night.

We had just entered the roof from the stairwell when my dad commented how cool it was up there. "Do you ever sleep up here?" he asked. Right then, we looked over and saw our bowab huddled up in his bed, sleeping. So we kept our viewing of the city to one corner of the roof so as not to disturb him.

Tonight, my brother Steven took Miriam up to the roof to enjoy the fireworks (there are fireworks here every single night. Miriam has never seen a 4th of July in America but she is more familiar with fireworks than your average 2-year-old. Probably even 5-year-old).

As they were walking around the roof, Steven saw someone stirring in our bowab's bedding. Thinking it was the bowab himself again, he started to steer Miriam away from the area. But then he realized that the human shape he saw rising from the bed was actually three young girls who were simply playing in the bedding. This became especially clear when they all called out in high-pitched voices, "MeMe!!!!!!!!!" (Miriam's nickname). It turns out that they were Miriam's friends from the neighborhood, Rennt, Tina, and Dina.

Um, girls? Playing in the doorman's bedroll on the roof? Not such a good idea.

Whatever you do...

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