Day 8: From one shore to another

On the Northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, we visited the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves & Fishes. A big group of tourists (not all from our BYU group) was standing around this altar, admiring it with quiet reverence, when a Korean guy finally spoke up and asked the general crowd, "so...what exactly is this?" I admired his bravery.

The answer to his question is two-fold: the rock signifies (or is, depending on how literally you believe their claims to the spot) the place where Jesus laid the five loaves and two fishes that were multiplied to feed 5000 people. The mosaic is a replica of one unearthed by archeologists and has come to be a common mosaic motif in the region.

This nice fish fountain was just outside the church. It took a lot of explaining to convince Miriam that it was still not time to go swimming.

Capernaum: an expansive black basalt rock ruin of a city. It was a very interesting place, especially considering that it figured majorly in Jesus' ministry. After much effort by several different people, Miriam finally fell asleep here (perhaps having given up on swimming...?).

And this, my friends, is what you do when you're in a country with no carseat laws and your child finally fell asleep and you don't want to wake her up: you rig up a criss-cross seatbelt arrangement across the aisle. It worked for half an hour or so, and it was one of the better bus naps the poor kid had on the whole trip.

Another black basalt city, farther along clockwise on the Galilee shore. This is Gergesa, known to me as "the other Gedara," since I went to the actual Gedara (Omm Qais) first. Both towns lay claim to the miracle of the demons being cast into the swine. So there was an air of "pretender" about the place, at least for me. Actually, even though the majority of the Gospels cite Gedara as the place where the miracle occurred, religious historians believe that Gergesa is the more probable site.

In any case, Gergesa is the only one of the two to have an "energy bench." Sadly, we did not stay long enough to experience its powers.

Day 8: Swimming at last, and back to Amman

Day 8: From the Mount of Beatitudes to the Sea of Galilee