Some recommendations

This kind of thing is really my husband's job (see his blog), but I thought I'd mention a few websites about Syria that are worth visiting.

Creative Syria is difficult to do justice to in words. Just check it out. Gorgeous pictures and lots of focus on the, well, creative. The softer side of Syria.

Syria Planet was created by some enterprising bloggers in Syria. It's basically a conglomeration of all the Syrian blogs out there, and believe me, there are tons. When I started blogging back in January 2005, there were maybe a dozen blogs out of Syria; now, there are many. I believe this is a good thing.

The Damascene Blog. Ayman hardly needs the publicity, but you've gotta love his blog. Check the archives for thoughtful photo commentaries.

Edited 21 March to add: Apparently, the photo archives are located at a slightly different URL, a distinction I failed to note above. My apologies.

The Syria News Wire is good for news about Syria when BBC and CNN only give you a paltry, detail-sparse paragraph.

Real Post Reports is a wonderful resource if you're a foreigner looking for information about day-to-day life in a specific city in the world.

Sorry for the outburst, but I just had to share. :)

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