More children of Syria

This is 3-year-old Karim, the son of Jeremy's barber. He has two older brothers who helped out with their dad's work every once in a while, and "Karmo" liked to pretend that he was helping, too. In fact, he liked to pretend he was doing most anything his older brothers were, including fasting during
Ramadan ("I'm fasting," he told us one Ramadan day, even as he chomped happily on potato chips).

Joseph also helped out at the local barbershop. It is not uncommon for Syrian boys and young men to get part-time work at a local shop, either with their father or someone unrelated.

This young girl was selling ice cream on a hot April day in Dura Europos near the Iraqi border in the east of Syria. Bless her heart. I think that's all there is to say.

This kid lived down the street from us, and I often saw him perched on the windowsill in the early afternoon around the time when school was dismissed for the day. I don't know if he was watching for an older sibling to come home or if his mother just needed a few moments to herself to get some things done, but he always seemed perfectly content. Sometimes, he even had a snack to munch on.
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Even more children of Syria

The children of Syria