Categories of Syrian Hijab

(If you're the one who made this picture, please let me know. I tried to find out its source but was unsuccessful.)

**Edited to add: The artist is Puppeteer, which explains the last item in the graphic. Thanks for the tip, Golaniya!

This is a pretty accurate representation of many of the kinds of hijab you will see in Syria.

For my take on the veil in Syria, read Hijab Envy 1 and Hijab Envy 2.

The only version I really notice is missing from this depiction is just plain 'manto.' This is my favorite style - it's like 'manto sport' but with a plain white hijab and a classier version of the trenchcoat. I maintain that if I ever took on the veil, this is the style I would choose (am I allowed to do that?).

And if anyone gets the last one, let me know. My friends and I are stumped (actually, not anymore. See above!).

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