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Creepiest LOST moments

LOST season has started up again, and for the first time in a very, very long time, Jeremy and I are actually watching TV. If you can call watching one show, for one hour per week, "watching TV."

The kids over at LOST are very good at creating creepiness. Even what would otherwise be an ordinary scene or dialogue exchange can be rendered skin-crawly by the LOST people. Here are my favorite creepy scenes. With video clips if I can dig them up, hopefully legally.

My very favorite (and I think it's my brother Steven's favorite, too) (and probably Jeremy's) is when Ethan says, "If you do not stop following me, I will kill one of them." This line is very adaptable to situations that come up in everyday life, and so it's fun to repeat. For example, "If you do not stop (attacking me at Risk/leaving your dishes out/tickling me), I will kill one of them." Also, for Ethan's character, I think they put out a casting call for someone very freaky-looking. And they got him. (The line in question is at 24 seconds into the clip.)

Here's the link to this unembeddable video.
They put out another casting call for a freaky-looking person, and got Mr. Henry Gale here. Heebie jeebies! The line in particular that I like is the last one: "You guys got any milk?"

Finally, and I can't find a video for this anywhere, there's Fionnula Flanagan's scene in the mid-season opener of LOST. I'm really wondering if that was just a throwaway cameo role, or if she'll be back. Because she sure is creepy as the jewelry store owner. All she was doing was asking Desmond to give her back a ring, but I could hardly look at the screen, I was so scared.

Keep up the good work, kids!

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