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Installing a faucet: Part 4: The thrilling conclusion

Here is the master bathroom, complete with the brand-new faucet fixture!

I did this one entirely by myself (insert obligatory reference to Jeremy tightening things up with his brute strength here).

I ended up replacing the P-bend (? - I may have installed the fixture but I won't even pretend to speak or understand the lingo) pipe underneath the sink because it was disgusting on the inside. I don't know what the previous owner of this house had put down the sink, or why we have let it just sit there the past two years. So much gross hud came out that even Miriam (my captive audience) was saying "ewwwwww!"

Of course, replacing that part necessitated another trip to Lowe's with Miriam. But this time, unlike last time, I felt very confident and knew exactly what I was looking for. Even if I didn't know the name of it. It was an awesome feeling.

So this story has a very happy ending. I encourage you all to go out and replace your lavatory and/or kitchen sink fixtures without delay. It will make your week! It made mine, anyway.
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