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Installing a faucet: Part two

We've been wanting to replace the bathroom fixtures in our two bathrooms almost since we moved in. The old ones were, well, old. And ugly. They were so ugly that they made the whole bathroom look bad. You probably know the style I'm talking about. It's the default, 20-buck faucet that everyone has at one point in their life:

So we picked up some sweet new faucets (one for each bathroom) at Costco. Of course at Costco.

The responsibility of actually installing the faucet fell on my shoulders. That should give you some idea of how insanely busy Jeremy is these days.

So I headed off to Lowe's, Miriam in tow, to pick up a few of the parts we'd need. Why Lowe's and not Home Depot? There are three reasons. First, Home Depot wasn't here when we first moved in and were doing tons of little home fix-ups, so we got used to going to Lowe's. Second, Lowe's is marginally closer to our house (by one block. Home Depot is across the street). Finally, for a task like this I needed customer service, and Home Depot doesn't have any.

Still, I was nervous about approaching a salesperson for help. The last thing I needed was to look like some novice housewife with a toddler who had never done this before and was essentially clueless about the process. The problem is, that is exactly what I was. So I swallowed my pride and got some help from a friendly Lowe's employee. Next thing I knew, we were walking out to the car with everything we needed. I was feeling especially empowered and hopeful.

Coming up next: those feelings I just mentioned? They change.

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