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My brother the extra

The movie of Twilight (that's the Cullen family above, as casted recently) is being filmed at least partially in Portland, my hometown. I read on Stephenie Meyer's website about a call for extras in that area, and wrote an email to my mom to tell her that my brother should try out. He has never read the books, and in fact has only minimally heard of them, probably entirely from me. But hey, he's 15. Give him time.

So of course, of COURSE, he goes to the extras casting call and gets a part as one of the core extras, specifically as a member of the biology class. So he'll have to miss school for about two weeks of shooting in March, but he'll be fed and paid. And probably have an awesome experience.

Can you tell that I'm jealous? Good. Because I am. Still, it's not often that I've wanted to live vicariously through my 15-year-old brother, so I guess I'm kind of looking forward to it.

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