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March 25th, outsourced

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This article on how to beat the salad bar (from a monetary standpoint) was so deliciously petty. I loved it.

In case March Madness: Basketball is too trivial for you, here's March Madness: Democrats vs. Dictators.

Animated GIFs are great for those moments that you just. can't. stop. watching. Like this wedding photo FAIL.

Should you give money to homeless people? Well, SHOULD YOU??

I perversely enjoyed watching Shannan's house descend into madness during a week when she decided to let the housework go (for good reasons). Don't we all have days...weeks...great swaths of years like this?

I am into neither college basketball nor creating elaborate table spreads for events, but I could hardly tear my eyes away from the beauty that is Our Best Bites' March Madness BYU-themed table. Gorgeous.

I've been seeing a lot of these quirky re-imaginings of maps (states as countries according to GDP, states as countries according to shape, etc.). This was a pretty neat one and I was surprised to see that Mormon Outpost was its own category. Huh.


I hate most of my clothes